find me at Calgary Expo 2015!! (booth 624)

Hi everyone! Sorry for the comic slowdown lately – I’ve been working on a giant 20 year retrospective book that I will be releasing at the Calgary Expo! expo-db20year 420 pages filled with my entire out of print mini comic collection including many never before published comics, including the entire dorkboy collection, workin’ jones, scooter boy, the never before published “Frankenscoot” story, 101 things to do when you’re young & foolish, and a whole lot more as well as “behind the scenes” stories of adventures and events surrounding my foray into comics. As for the Calgary Expo! I will be at booth 624 Thursday April 16 thru Sunday April 19! I also have new bookmarks, business cards and a TON of new 8″ x 10″ full colour prints! expo-bookmarks expo-business-cards If you are in the area stop by and say hi! …and more comics coming soon (after the Expo) — seeya soon,

my new book!! dorkboy: 1995-2015 two dorkades and counting

Hi everyone! Sorry the site has been so quiet lately, but I have been working on my BIGGEST project ever!! I just finished my new 20 year retrospective book, and will release it at the upcoming Calgary Expo in mid April! The book is over 400 pages, and includes my entire mini comic library from start to finish with commentary and “behind the scenes” stories to help narrate my progression and adventures with almost making a tv show, getting semi published and writing an opera with Shannon Wheeler, as well as other out of print and never before published comics, sketches, and a bunch of guest sketches from folks that were in and around the comic community in my early days! dorkboy-1995-2015-cover-sm Stay tuned for more info about this and the Calgary Expo! — seeya soon,

New book, Calgary Expo, and animation!

Hi everyone! Thinks have been a little busy lately, but I will be at the Calgary Expo in just about two weeks! I have a piece of artwork that will be included in their 2014 Artbook as well as having the original ink & watercolour included in their auction to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation!! My New Book! In other news, my brand new book “The early worm gets the bird” is now finished!! I should be receiving the printed books in the next week just in time for Calgary Expo! It is also available through Amazon if you aren’t able to visit the convention.
20140409-000925.jpg And, I put together this animation on my iPad which has nothing to do with the rest of this post…enjoy.

More comics and updates coming soon friends! — seeya soon,

Calgary Expo – booth 1124

Who’s terrible at updating their site with important information in a timely manner? Yep it’s me. I am at the Calgary Expo all weekend at booth 1124 – stop by and say hello! I am exactly behind the giant orange ING tent. I am slightly less jetlagged today and should be slightly more coherent if all goes well 😉 Seeya soon. Your buddy,

Calgary Expo 2012 has left the building!

Thanks a ton to everyone that came out to say hi at the 2012 Calgary Expo! Also a great big thanks to the indispensable “Dr. Bill” for helping me out at the booth! I had a really great time! It was incredible meeting so many of you and I have to say my fans are a pretty awesome set of folks, and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by, pick up the books and all of the kind words (albeit a bit overwhelming on that last one :)). Me, my shark hat, and the booth… Me on the left and an “i heart dorkboy” t-shirt in action on the right… Also, you completely cleaned me out of my new book “Well..This is Awkward”!! (but there are more on – I really hope you all enjoy it.


hi folks, first off, apologies for the lack of comic updates…I have been a little bit sick, a little bit busy with work, and in my healthy free time (when I should have been updating comics on the site)…working on a brand new BOOK!! “Well…this is awkward” is a brand new FULL COLOUR 66 page book collecting copious amounts of my watercolour paintings and comics that I will be debuting at the Calgary Comic Expo April 27-29, 2012!!(I will be at booth 1224) It will also be available on Amazon like my last one, but of course is much better when you get it in person at the Expo 🙂