Doodlewash and other adventures!!

I have been bad at updating recent events and such on my site, but here are some notable bits of recent news..

Two new books added to iBooks!!
I just recently added my “The Early Worm gets the Bird” and “Zillas Ruining Classic Art” to iBooks!

8″x10″ art prints are now up in a new store!!
Check out and see a whole bunch of prints to order! If you need it sent to the US or other locations outside of Canada, drop me a line as it seems the Square store that runs everything may be defaulting only to Canadian locations/funds.

Guest Artist on Doodlewash!!
I was featured as a guest artist over at doodle recently which was a HUGE honour!! Check out the link below…

GUEST DOODLEWASH: I Hate(d) Watercolour (a journey)


Also, be sure to find me on Instagram as I have been posting a lot of work for Inktober and more!

seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
made with:


I went and saw the new 007 movie last weekend – I thought it might be prudent to make some Bond comics about the movie….before I saw it. Enjoy….




Also a new Robot painting – thanks to my wife for letting me use her professional use hair dryer without her knowledge to dry this one….


seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
made with: pen and tiny notebook

Inktober 2015

Well, it seems another Inktober has begun!

An October filled with daily ink drawings and such! I’ve been making even more ghost cartoons that I will collect and post in the comic section once I build up a few more.

In the meantime, here are some other Inktober drawings from my rather tiny sketchbook for you!

count drunkula


wicked witch



seeya soon,

find me at Calgary Expo 2015!! (booth 624)

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the comic slowdown lately – I’ve been working on a giant 20 year retrospective book that I will be releasing at the Calgary Expo!


420 pages filled with my entire out of print mini comic collection including many never before published comics, including the entire dorkboy collection, workin’ jones, scooter boy, the never before published “Frankenscoot” story, 101 things to do when you’re young & foolish, and a whole lot more as well as “behind the scenes” stories of adventures and events surrounding my foray into comics.

As for the Calgary Expo! I will be at booth 624 Thursday April 16 thru Sunday April 19!

I also have new bookmarks, business cards and a TON of new 8″ x 10″ full colour prints!



If you are in the area stop by and say hi!

…and more comics coming soon (after the Expo)

seeya soon,

my new book!! dorkboy: 1995-2015 two dorkades and counting

Hi everyone!

Sorry the site has been so quiet lately, but I have been working on my BIGGEST project ever!!

I just finished my new 20 year retrospective book, and will release it at the upcoming Calgary Expo in mid April!

The book is over 400 pages, and includes my entire mini comic library from start to finish with commentary and “behind the scenes” stories to help narrate my progression and adventures with almost making a tv show, getting semi published and writing an opera with Shannon Wheeler, as well as other out of print and never before published comics, sketches, and a bunch of guest sketches from folks that were in and around the comic community in my early days!


Stay tuned for more info about this and the Calgary Expo!

seeya soon,

thank you Second Cup!!

I invented a drink a couple of years ago. I would order a London Fog, but instead of Earl Grey and Vanilla syrup would ask that they use Maple tea and Maple syrup (yes, I’m Canadian). Having to custom order this every time, explain how delicious it is, differentiate from a London Fog and apologize for the inconvenience(yes, I’m Canadian) was time consuming yes, but more importantly – this drink needed to be enjoyed by the rest of Canada, nay…the world!!

So a year ago or more, I emailed Canadian coffee shop chain “Second Cup” explaining this amazing drink, and how I simply wanted it to be on the menu because I’m lazy. I even suggested they could call it a “London, Ontario Fog” (Canadian city joke). They replied and said they would pass the suggestion on to their beverage department for which I thanked them.

I had long forgotten about the suggestion, and was passing by a Second Cup today and thought I would pop in and order my custom drink,explain it was delicious and apologize for the inconvenience….when I saw this banner out front. “Maple Fog”!!! Could it be? Or was I simply in a fog of my own? I asked the barista what pray tell, was in this “Maple Fog”, and as my dreams folded into reality she parroted the explanation I had given to so many coffee shop employees for years prior back to me…. ” it’s like a London Fog, but with Maple tea with Maple syrup”

“Yes. Yes, it is”

Thank you Second Cup.

Maplest regards,


Inktober 2014

So, I just wrapped up Inktober for 2014!

Inktober is basically a drawing a day done the old fashioned way (not digital drawing) for the month of October.
I used a Kaimei brush pen and my Rhoda sketchbook to capture this collection.

I settled into a ghost theme early into it, and incorporated punk rockers, jazz legends, video game characters and more!

Due to my wacky schedule, I got ahead some days, and behind others, but managed to get the drawings done and fairly happy with the results…enjoy 🙂

[AFG_gallery id=’3′]

seeya soon,

The ever awesome Gord Cummings interviews me about the past almost 20 years in comics

Long time comrade in comics, and super talented author Gord Cummings was kind enough to interview me for his first episode of his “Experience Comix Project“, where I ramble on about drawing comics, getting involved with television, opera and all those usual things you’d expect from a low key comics guy. Thanks Gord!

seeya soon,

Giant sketch dump!

Hi everyone!

I have started posting some of my rough fountain pen sketch pages (I always sketch in ink…no pencil). There are also some ink & watercolour sketches in the mix, as well as a sketch of a bridge here in Inglewood in Calgary!

seeya soon,

Calgary Expo 2014 & damian

hiya folks,

As per usual, I am leaving this far too late, but here are some good things to know in regards to Calgary Expo 2014 and me, if you are planning to visit…which I highly recommend, nay, beg you to do so!!!

Ok, so where am i?
I’m at booth 624 in the main hall…I made you a map.
you’re welcome.
(click to see large size)
calgary expo 2014-damian-booth 624

I created a piece of artwork for the Calgary Expo 2014 artbook so watch for that, and the original will be up for auction to raise money for Make-a-wish foundation – finally, i’m doing something useful to mankind with my artwork!!

More like what isn’t new! EVERYTHING!

My brand new book “the early worm gets the bird” will be available for sale, with a whole bunch of new previously unpublished comics (including Skully, Japan Travelogues and more), and a bunch of cartoons, sketches and paintings!

I have custom ordered a small yet super awesome batch of high quality vinyl Skully stickers!!

Also, a bunch of new prints and some cool new bookmarks to go in those books!

This depends on if/what I can get done in the next couple of evenings, but I may have some small original pieces of art for sale.
I’m a repro art for the people person, so this will be quite unusual for me…we’ll see.

ok, that’s all for now – hope to see everyone out there! 😀

seeya soon,

New book, Calgary Expo, and animation!

Hi everyone!

Thinks have been a little busy lately, but I will be at the Calgary Expo in just about two weeks! I have a piece of artwork that will be included in their 2014 Artbook as well as having the original ink & watercolour included in their auction to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation!!

My New Book!
In other news, my brand new book “The early worm gets the bird” is now finished!! I should be receiving the printed books in the next week just in time for Calgary Expo! It is also available through Amazon if you aren’t able to visit the convention.



And, I put together this animation on my iPad which has nothing to do with the rest of this post…enjoy.

More comics and updates coming soon friends!

seeya soon,

Skully commission by Ray Frenden

A little while ago, the incredibly talented artist (and drawing tablet reviewer extraordinaire) Ray Frenden made himself available for some commissions. I couldn’t miss the opportunity, and not wanting to constrain things too tightly I suggested anything either involving robots, or his interpretation of one of my comic characters like Kernel Corn & Peater, or Skully.

Ray blew it out of the water and made this incredible Skully piece which has taken me far too long to get framed, but I’m really happy with it. Thanks a ton, Ray!

Skully commission by Ray Frenden

(The small accoutrements to the left and right at the bottom are two “space turtles” I carved out of soap stone probably 15 years ago or so.)

seeya soon,


hi everyone!

although i haven’t been posting comics in October, I have been drawing a lot as part of Inktober!
it’s basically an activity to get you drawing something every day using traditional tools.

I used a brush pen for inking, with no penciling whatsoever beforehand, so it was straight to ink with no way to correct mistakes.

My drawings are collected in a flickr set below, enjoy 🙂

[AFG_gallery id=’2′]

seeya soon,