Calgary Expo 2012 has left the building!

Thanks a ton to everyone that came out to say hi at the 2012 Calgary Expo! Also a great big thanks to the indispensable “Dr. Bill” for helping me out at the booth!

I had a really great time! It was incredible meeting so many of you and I have to say my fans are a pretty awesome set of folks, and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by, pick up the books and all of the kind words (albeit a bit overwhelming on that last one :)).

Me, my shark hat, and the booth…

Me on the left and an “i heart dorkboy” t-shirt in action on the right…

Also, you completely cleaned me out of my new book “Well..This is Awkward”!! (but there are more on – I really hope you all enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Calgary Expo 2012 has left the building!

  1. nice shark hat! lulz

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