thank you Second Cup!!

I invented a drink a couple of years ago. I would order a London Fog, but instead of Earl Grey and Vanilla syrup would ask that they use Maple tea and Maple syrup (yes, I’m Canadian). Having to custom order this every time, explain how delicious it is, differentiate from a London Fog and apologize for the inconvenience(yes, I’m Canadian) was time consuming yes, but more importantly – this drink needed to be enjoyed by the rest of Canada, nay…the world!!

So a year ago or more, I emailed Canadian coffee shop chain “Second Cup” explaining this amazing drink, and how I simply wanted it to be on the menu because I’m lazy. I even suggested they could call it a “London, Ontario Fog” (Canadian city joke). They replied and said they would pass the suggestion on to their beverage department for which I thanked them.

I had long forgotten about the suggestion, and was passing by a Second Cup today and thought I would pop in and order my custom drink,explain it was delicious and apologize for the inconvenience….when I saw this banner out front. “Maple Fog”!!! Could it be? Or was I simply in a fog of my own? I asked the barista what pray tell, was in this “Maple Fog”, and as my dreams folded into reality she parroted the explanation I had given to so many coffee shop employees for years prior back to me…. ” it’s like a London Fog, but with Maple tea with Maple syrup”

“Yes. Yes, it is”

Thank you Second Cup.

Maplest regards,


2 thoughts on “thank you Second Cup!!

  1. You will live on in coffee history forever Damien

    1. i can hope, haha 🙂

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