Published On: January 29, 2007

2 thoughts on “Kernel Corn – Nasal Blockage

  1. Hey, just a fan reply…

    I started reading ur comics just yesterday. I discovered them while reading ornery boy, due to a link there in the site… I have to say that ur pieces of art are the ones most appealing to me ever! I dont know, it may be the style, u know all these notes and detail stuff (i love to draw that way), that u need to search the sketch a bit more than just reading it over 1 time… Reading Don Rosa Could possibly be the cause huhu (^_^)
    Anyway, i just want to tell u, plz keep up the good work, dont worry about being on schedule cuz u dont have to sacrifice ur real life man… take ur time, this also leads to better comics dont u think 😉

    All my respect,
    ToFonikoAgouri (oh, just for the record, becuz everybody asks, my nick means TheDeadlyCucumber 😛 Yes im Greek!!!)

  2. LOL, those were some corny lines.

    Made me LOL

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