Published On: December 21, 2006

12 thoughts on “Bad Santa! Christmas 2006

  1. Hehehe 🙂

    And a Merry Christmas to you Damian!

    Greetings form the Netherlands.

    de Kale

  2. I wish you the best with cristmas…and with your cartoons

  3. Hey Damian

    Merry Christmas and nice cartoons!

    Greetings from Holland


  4. Hello Damian
    I wish you a Merry Merry X-Mas and a Happy NewYear!!
    From Scheveningen, Holland

  5. Hello Damian, i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    Regards from: Peter, Schiedam, Holland.

  6. Gnagnagna….

    And a great Christmas to you Damian, enjoy!

    With love from Kroos

    Friesland, Netherlands

  7. Hoi Damian..

    Merry christmas to you to and a happy newyear.

    greetings from Newilé
    Emmen, The Netherlands

  8. Hi Damian,

    A very happy Christmas!

    Take care,
    Mark (also from Holland!)

  9. Merry christmas and happy holidays to you too!

    This one made me laugh

  10. As you can see, everybody in the Netherlands reads you,
    best wishes from Ramirezi as well…..

  11. Hi Damian,

    The days of Christmas lie behind us now, I wish you a very happy Newyear!!

    From Assen, the Netherlands,

  12. Hey Damian,
    Merry Christmas to you my friend and Happy New Year,I really enjoy your comics, take care and have a good one.
    your friend from KingsportTennessee USA

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