Doodlewash and other adventures!!

I have been bad at updating recent events and such on my site, but here are some notable bits of recent news..

Two new books added to iBooks!!
I just recently added my “The Early Worm gets the Bird” and “Zillas Ruining Classic Art” to iBooks!

8″x10″ art prints are now up in a new store!!
Check out and see a whole bunch of prints to order! If you need it sent to the US or other locations outside of Canada, drop me a line as it seems the Square store that runs everything may be defaulting only to Canadian locations/funds.

Guest Artist on Doodlewash!!
I was featured as a guest artist over at doodle recently which was a HUGE honour!! Check out the link below…

GUEST DOODLEWASH: I Hate(d) Watercolour (a journey)


Also, be sure to find me on Instagram as I have been posting a lot of work for Inktober and more!

seeya soon,

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