i ain’t afraid of no host!

I have moved this site over to a new host very recently!

long story short – i spent a huge amount of time upgrading my website the last month or so…mostly behind the scenes work, but several changes upfront also.

No word of a lie, the day after i finished, my hosting company had a crash, and lost all of my work..followed by my website being down for close to two weeks. this helped me realize that i needed a better hosting company…and i found one.

a small orange

A Small Orange is my new host as of a week or so ago, and I cannot recommend them enough!! Their customer service is incredible, prices are great, and my site is SO much faster now (from my tests anyway). Let me know how you like the changes!

I also have a swanky new newsletter system with beautiful newsletter emails!! sign up via the email funclub form on the right, or by going to the new subscription page!

…now to get back on schedule with the comics, and maybe sleep once in a while!
me using my dog as a pillow:

dog pillow

seeya soon,