News from beyond the grave!!

Hi folks,

Ok first off, I’m not dead…neither is this site, nor are my bad comics, and silly drawings. I have been extremely busy with many things, but still drawing, painting and all of that usual stuff more or less non stop, and have been updating in many places on the Internet yet not updating the site…sorry about that. If you click on the “drawings” link on the top bar of the site you will find all sorts of new goodies 🙂

Calgary expo 2013
A VERY belated, but very sincere thank you to everyone that came out, stopped by, said hi, picked up books and just generally made the expo great – thank you so much, you are the reason I go to expo, even on as little sleep as I had this last time haha.

interview on the Mostly Harmless podcast
The super awesome mastermind “Dammit Damian” behind the Mostly Harmless podcast interviewed me in episode 35. You can find it on iTunes, or go to his site and get I and more info here.

I also drew the teddy bear with the bottle logo now available as a t-shirt through his site as well so please check that out while you are there!

random musings
I am also hoping to upgrade my site in the near future to allow easier updating when I am on the road, which has been frequently lately. Anyway, stay tuned for more comics and art coming soon.

I also have two of my books available in the iBookstore now, and all of them in print via Check out the links in the sidebar for more info.

Your buddy,