updates, updates!

where’s the comics, what’s going on, etc, etc??

Sorry for the radio silence this past month…I have continued to draw paint and so on, just haven’t had anything that really fit the “comic” category.

I have also been teaching myself to read and write Japanese with some wonderful books by the fine folks at YesJapan.com called “Japanese from Zero”.

I have been making some ink and watercolour drawings out around town as well as at home so here are some for your enjoyment.

See ya soon!

2 thoughts on “updates, updates!

  1. o boy – the folks at Pilot will not be happy – don’t you know when you shamelessly plug their products, you’re supposed to make the eraser all nice and white again?

    1. they will be even more displeased when they find out i sometimes use my Pentel eraser then 😮

      ..but i think you are on to something with this product placement angle. I actually only use the eraser to give the drawings scale since some of my watercolours are pretty tiny (2.5″x3.5″) 😉

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