Calgary Expo, Free Comic Book Day & lasagna!

Hey there folks!

Calgary Expo

A couple weeks ago I finally dragged myself to a comic convention (The Calgary Entertainment Expo) after a hiatus of 4 years as some of you reminded me, and well….it was awesome! 😀

It was really great getting to meet a bunch of old friends, old fans, as well as new – and to hear that people are enjoying my work.
Thanks a lot to everyone who stopped by.

I made a bunch of new prints and things that I am planning on posting in the dorkboy comics store as soon as I get a chance so stay tuned!

And extra special thanks to my super fans!

Corey and Brandy:
Brandy made this AWESOME drawing for me!

and Jeff and Emmelia:

(Jeff took over my booth and did a far better job of promoting my crap than I do)

Free Comic Book Day

This past weekend I was invited to local comic shop Comic-Kazi as a guest artist along with many other far better, less unruly characters.

Super talented Batman penciller Marcus To was unlucky enough to sit next to me, while I tormented him, everyone else, and drew some ridiculous Free Comic Book Day comics (see below).

and of course one featuring Michael McAdam (Diaperman)

oh, and completely unrelated here are some comics drawn on my ipod while i cooked lasagna!!

And yes more comics will be coming soon!

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  1. Smoke on the water. That got a laugh.

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