Here’s a new sketch I did to celebrate a beta release at work….more comics coming soon!!



4 thoughts on “betazilla!

  1. a sweet little beta-release! How cute 🙂
    Are you a software developer like me? In that case I totally understand what you mean (especially looking at the bigger ‘release’ in the background 😉

    I really like your cartoons.
    Maby you like to upload some of them to the cartoonist community I programmed together with other artists

    Its completely free, just driven by artists and very active.
    Although its quite new on the web, it has already a fine selection of international comic artists.

    I know you would find a lot of new fans there 🙂

    Martin Sander (

  2. Hey Martin,
    Not a developer, a product designer…i’m not so good with the code 😉
    Thanks for the site info, I will definitely take a look!

    Thanks 🙂

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