putting the pain back in painting…

I am constantly in awe of all of the digital painting artists out there. I find it completely amazing that people are able to produce some of the works that they do…it truly boggles my mind. for example… http://nicodimattia.wordpress.com/

I painted for a few short years with acrylics about 10 years ago, but have been doing comics since then almost entirely….my mind is definitely in a “lineart” mode at this point as I’m not used to producing images by pushing colours around too often.  However I am really wanting to try and find some extra time and build up some sort of skill at digital painting. Of course this means practice, practice,  practice…not sure how successful it will be, but I am hoping to get better at it.  Here’s this weekend’s attempt….it’s a dog on a  flying dog biscuit sort of contraption….don’t ask, it was late. 😉


Photoshop CS3

One thought on “putting the pain back in painting…

  1. I thought the dog was on a skateboard lol! Love the colouring totally !!! 😀 😀 😀

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