So back in college, along with my friend ‘friggin Huje‘ (see dorkboy #5.1). we came up with the concept of the ‘toastcard’ (copyright 1993, patent pending all rights reserved).

Quite simply, a toastcard is a postcard made out of toast, where I tape a piece of paper on either side (one for the name, address and stamp, and one for the greeting), and drop it in a mailbox to be delivered by the toastal…er…postal service.

Here’s some unknown weirdo mailing toast…it’s not me. what?
toastal service

hey, mister toastman!

a toast to friends…..

Here’s fellow cartoonist, Ryan Estrada ( eating his mail…it made it to him all the way in India!!

Here’s a video of Damian Burford of Mostly Harmless Magazine fame eating his toastcard….

….and without further adieu, here is a full photo documentation of receipt of a toast card by Derek Mah.



toast card arrived Thursday. Here are your photos!
For your next trick, I suggest jam folded in saran wrap. 😉

Here is how it arrived, safely tucked into a Canada Post baggie, but with address clearly visible.

This is the back of the baggie, taped up nice and snug.

Let’s open it up!

For our non-Canadian friends, here is the small print on the baggie.

The toast card arrived in pretty good shape. Amazing!

Here is the toast sans label. A couple cracks, but not too bad.

Three fairly intact chunks that could still hold jam!

Hey, that was fun! Thanks for the toast!