Mister Osaru visits Vancouver

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Mister Osaru is a vinyl toy monkey that my wife gave me as a present a few years back. These are his continuing adventures.

Mister Osaru had decided he needed to see a rock show put on by Japan rockers Puffy AmiYumi on their ‘Honeysweeper’ 2007 tour…..

Mister Osaru beinga water loving monkey headed straight for the shoreline when he arrived in Vancouver!

Mister Osaru arrives in Vancouver

Next stop was the Vancouver aquarium.

Vancouver Aquarium

Mister Osaru headed down to the show, and waited patiently.


Before he knew it an explosion of Japanese pop punk rockery exploded as Puffy hit the stage….


….and surprising everyone, Mister Osaru dives on to the stage out of nowhere!! he’s too fast for the bouncers, and too small for their giant human hands to grab onto…Mister Osaru rocks out for the rest of the show!!

Osaru and Puffy

Osaru and Puffy

Osaru and Puffy

Osaru and Puffy

Osaru and Puffy

Osaru and Puffy

…and so one tired monkey headed back to Calgary. Stay tuned for more adventures!!

the end.

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