Mister Osaru visits Japan

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Mister Osaru is a vinyl toy monkey that my wife gave me as a present.

We decided to take him to Japan with us, and these are his adventures…..

mister osaru at the bike racks

When Mister Osaru first got to Japan, he knew that he would need a set of wheels, so his first stop was to one of the many amply filled bikeracks near the train station…

bike racks part 2

Mister Osaru knew that monkey cannot live on banana alone, so he began his search for some fine Japanese cuisine.

Mister Osaru at the restaurant

Can’t see him? How about now?

Mister Osaru at the restaurant

Getting a seat at one of the local restaurants proved difficult for this little monkey, so he opted to get food & drink from some of the many vending machines scattered throughout the land…

mister osaru & the vending machine

Here he is…this monkey is hanging out by the recycling bin being the champion of the environment that he is.

zoom mister osaru & the vending machine

Here, our good friend Mister Osaru has made it to Jogasaki, and is just about to cross the fearsome suspension bridge high above open waters…

Mister Osaru relaxes by the seaside view on what appears to be an old wooden post, but is actually a modern railing fabricated out of metal.

After crossing the suspension bridge, Mister Osaru came across this ancient cannon remain from years ago when Samurais ruled the land, and Sudoku wasn’t a household word

Wandering the quaint streets of Shizuoka at night, Mister Osaru stumbled upon some aquatic friends in one of the shop windows.

Mister Osaru learned an important lesson from this angry paper cup on the trails through Jogasaki…Don’t Litter, or inanimate objects will come after you!

Mister Osaru ventured out into the Harajuku shopping district of Tokyo, only to be savagely attacked by a woman who had pandas for hands!

…luckily, he soon realized he was being attacked… with LOVE!

..and what trip to the land of the rising sun would be complete without a trip to Tokyo Disneyland

Being that Mister Osaru is all about being cool, he couldn’t resist stopping off at the Jazz Club.

A visit to Kawazu allowed Mister Osaru the chance to see the beautiful Sakuras blossoming.

Although, next time he’ll be packing an umbrella.

a sign with lightbulbs in the seemingly middle of nowhere? this monkey was there!

Maybe some would say the Ueno district of Tokyo is safe, but not for a little monkey it’s not!

…Mister Osaru eventually escaped using some Simian attack maneuvers that even gigantic lions cannot defend against.

Mister Osaru can collect his pension and eat at a restaurant?

…of course he’s ecstatic!

Is this monkey afraid of danger? Not a chance!!

Not content with simply being the photo subject matter himself, Mister Osaru grabbed the camera and took some photos of his trip personally

All this travelling makes a little monkey hungry. Mister Osaru found Pasta Selfish…but it was closed, which seems a little sel….aaah, so that’s why.

While in Harajuku, Mister Osaru snapped this pic of this gigantic mural.

With a streak of bad luck at restaurants, Mister Osaru headed to Mos Burger…where their motto is ‘Hamburger is my Life’

This is a Mos Burger…some sort of curry egg salad chicken thing, using rice patties instead of buns…delicious!!

Quite possibly the best delicacy on earth…Mos’ Matcha Latte. Matcha is green tea powder packed with all sorts of healthiness!

Mos’ has just one rule.. ‘NO SMORKING!’ …I have no idea what smorking is, but we weren’t sticking around to find out.

Mister Osaru learned a lot at the train stations in Japan. If you lose your hat, you should find the robot-man with the giant metal grabber thing for an arm to retrieve it for you….

..he also learned that train stations can have beautiful art..

…and perhaps the most important lesson to learn at a train station in Japan… ‘Beware of Perverts’

Back in Harajuku, Mister Osaru snapped this pic of this corny looking fellow, but then noticed something quite peculiar….

…just as he suspected, an ‘i heart dorkboy’ sticker! where’s the police when you need them?

the end.

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