doghead in Japan

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What the???
doghead is the disembodied head of a Taco Bell dog
that belongs to a co-worker of mine.

I kidnapped him and sent him to Japan.


This is doghead trying to decide which beverage to have at one
of the many vending machines.

Doghead starts looking around as soon as he gets to Japan. In
search of…..


Doghead hates cars with big fins…even in Japan!!

Doghead at the train station

Doghead with his ticket ready to battle the train crowd

Doghead sneaks up to an unsuspecting table at Starbucks…

…and savagely attacks an unsuspecting crappuccino.

Doghead always has time for the ladies.

Doghead at a sushi restaurant, fearing for his life.

Doghead doesn’t know how  to keep a picture in focus.

Doghead karaokes to Green Day.

Doghead celebrates Summer festival with firecrackers…

…or perhaps he is simply a pyromaniac.

Doghead tries to meet others of the canine persuasion in

…but succeeds only in creeping them out.

Doghead meets his idols! Mini mini man…

…Colonel Sanders…

…and Godzilla!!

Doghead almost tangles with some sharks at the end of his
trip…and apparently still can’t focus a camera.

the end.

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