questionable characters book

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About the book…

After I moved primarily over to webcomics from print I had stopped putting books together for a few years, and had recently decided that it was time to make a new one…the big difference being that my comics have pretty much all moved from black and white to colour since moving to the web, so making a full colour book seemed a necessity for this next book.

I pondered over making a single title book, such as a Skully collection, or a Kernel Corn collection and finally settled on making a book containing a mix of the comics I have been working on the past few years. The result is a collection of my favourite Kernel Corn, Skully, and Sketchbook Comics in a beautiful looking FULL Colour, perfect bound, 64 page compendium of fun and mayhem. And to top it off…the multi talented Michael Lalonde of Orneryboy fame was kind enough to write up an incredible introduction for the book also, making this all around my best book yet (in my slightly biased opinion).

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I will have the books available at the upcoming Calgary Expo Convention here in June 2011, but you can also order them online at the following places. I may offer some directly through my website and some local stores following the convention also so stay tuned!