Hello all,

I’m really sorry for the spotty schedule lately, I am trying my best to make my way back to a weekly schedule once again. 

I’ve updated the website a bit, and moved up to Tyler Martin’s fantastic ComicPress 2.5 theme for WordPress. 

I’ve noticed my readership ebbing and flowing recently, which I am contributing to my latest fecal papal creation in the Kernel Corn storyline, or perhaps too much morbidity in the Skully series? Either way, it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon to have fans come or go.

This got me to thinking lately about my motivation for making comics. I began self publishing my comics about a dozen years ago or so mostly by accident, as once I had made my first, (having enjoyed the process, and the resulting people’s reactions) couldn’t stop. It was an endeavour I began without a goal or ‘finish line’ in mind. I had never hoped or intended it would become a job, my motivation was simply entertainment, both for myself and the readers.

Over the years I have dealt with a few failed run ins with the ‘business’ of comics, ranging from having my comics ‘almost’ published to a large production company shopping a ‘dorkboy’ tv series around to networks. Any time the comics have had the prospect of becoming or had started to feel like a job, the enjoyment of creating them had been almost completely removed.

So why do I make them?

Because every so often I know people like Liz are reading.

“I wish you knew how much I appreciate having funny people like you in the world.  My husband had a heart attack, followed by four heart surgeries in two months.  He is now recovering from a quadruple bypass.  (Next month he turns 52.)  When I am exhausted from my job and caretaking, and want to get my mind off of everything, I go online and read comics or go to online forums.  I’m not even into potty humor and I read Kernel Corn and Peater.

Keep drawing.  Keep writing.  Somebody out there needs a good laugh today.



Thank you.