Published On: January 11, 2009

6 thoughts on ““the process of becoming unstuck”

  1. HA! Nice one. If you need a new narrator, I only charge 2 twinkies an hour.

  2. Really enjoyed the comic. Why do I get the feeling that you’ll go stark raving mad if you don’t draw regularly?

  3. Chris – I’ve been getting robbed. this guy is 4 twinkies and unlimited access to Mario Kart!!

    Miles – That is my theory also….though, like my theory with being subjected to a 48 hour televised “Square Dance-a-thon” I am afraid to test it out.

  4. Hey Damian,

    Sounds like things have been a little roughage lately. But, stand tall, don’t be afraid to show the other cheek, and this too shall pass.

    How is the calendar coming? I’ve got a couple of twinkies here if that would give you a burst of energy (or preserve you for future generations… whichever comes first!)

  5. mmmmm, twinkies………….

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