Hello all,

I am very pleased to present a guest strip by the unstoppable comic force that is Ryan Estrada!

The reason Ryan made this guest strip is because when we first met approximately 5 years ago, Ryan was adventuring in the same South American jungles as I and had been bitten by a venomous tree toad.  He was nearing unconsciousness when I found him curled in the fetal position in the brush.  I was able to tie a small jungle monkey’s tail around the wound as a tourniquet and then carried him to the nearest village where a small band of what I assume were tribal doctors, placed him in a large cauldron and attempted to boil his wounds away.  Knowing he was in good hands, I left the village all the while Ryan pleading to repay my kindness “i’ll get you for this, damian, i’ll get you for this!” sigh, those were good times.

Well, anyway here is Ryan’s fantastic Skully guest comic.  You will notice the “1 of 100”, but take no notice of that, this is the only guest comic you will see on the internet by the “real” Ryan Estrada today. I mean really, what kind of person would even consider attempting to do 100 guest comics in a single day?  I think you know the answer.

Check out Ryan’s comics(such as the beautifully illustrated Aki Alliance), as well as his globe trotting adventures at www.ryanestrada.com


side news from me: I am thinking of changing my updates to Wednesdays, as it gives me a whole extra couple of days in the week to flounder and stay up late trying to get comics finished. We’ll see how that goes 😉

Also, I have made several new sketches over at [website no longer exists 🙁 ] (click the thumbnails below)

…and speaking of guest comics I have one of my own to announce shortly. Stay tuned.