Hello all!

As mentioned I am trying out this mid-week updating (shooting for Wednesdays from now on). I hope you all enjoyed the Ryan Estrada guest strip last week.  Speaking of guest strips, I did one for the mightiest dysfunctional superhero  comic of all time…CAPTAIN EXCELSIOR!!  by Chris Jones and Zach Weiner

click the pic to go read it…NOWNOWNOW!!!



What else?….Oh! I am patiently awaiting the release of Comic Studio 4  for Mac!  Yes, it is all in Japanese, but once it is released this friday, I am one step closer to the imminent English new version release of the program (called Manga Studio).  I love drawing in this program…it’s the closest feeling to real drawing/inking from back in my pen and ink days (prior to the tendonitis/wrist pain that caused me to jump into digital artwork)

That’s all for now, sticka  fork in me, i’m done.