my name is damian willcox, i draw comics.

In between comics, I have managed to co-write the Too Much Coffee Man Opera,
have my comics ‘almost published’ and ‘almost turned into a tv series’,
and built a life sized ninja out of chicken wire and paper mache…don’t ask.

the comics…

i accidentally started making comics in college (around 1995), and discovered much to my surprise that i really enjoyed it.

My most frequently updated comics are Kernel Corn and Peater the black eyed pea (adventures of two vegetables traversing the digestive system), Skully (following the formative years of a naive grim reaper), Sketchbook Comics which are collected single panel and random watercolour comic pages, as well as dorkboy which is about as close as I can come to auto biographical comics – while unbelievable you would probably be surprised by how much is true.

the tools…

i’ve used various mediums over the years from technical pens to crowquill pen and ink.

These days I tend to go between Brushpen inking with water coloured colours and comics drawn by me directly on the computer using a Wacom pen tablet. I switched over to digital primarily due to the tendinitis I was getting in my wrist, as I use a lot less pressure drawing on the computer than when i was using pen and ink.

My weapons of choice for digital inking and colouring most of the comics is a tie between Adobe Illustrator, and Manga Studio EX.