Hi folks,

two worlds collide

So it seems, my comics and watercolours have collided this week, as I literally made this episode of Sketchbook Comics in my sketchbook. Ironically, I normally create them using a pen, tablet and Manga Studio. This week I used my Kuretake Brush Pen, and Sakura Koi Watercolours (from Jetpens).

Art for Donations for Japan

Due to the print shop having the exact same hours as my work hours, it has been tricky getting prints made this week, but I have a plan to make it happen and prints will be done by April 18, after which I will mail them out and post the final donation amount results. Thanks everyone!!

If you want to order one please check out this page.

A chicken goes into a library….”book, book book”

I should have more details on the forthcoming dorkboy book in the coming weeks also so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!