Hi everyone,

there has been a lot happening, not the least of which has been issues with my hosting company so I just moved over to a new web host. Things should be much better/faster now, but let me know if there are any issues.

Check out new drawings in the drawings page, and my news post with all of the details of the website hosting change and my great new newsletters for comic updates!.

On a side note, some background info on these comics: Some of these characters may seem fictional, but Dr. Bill is actually based on a very real person:

Here is the “real” Dr. Bill in some sort of infinity loop in front of pics of himself enjoying the time honoured Calgary tradition of free “stampede” pancake breakfasts in front of a giant photo of himself enjoying the time honoured…you get the idea.

the real dr. bill

ok, that’s all for today kids.

seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
made with: Clip Studio EX