Hey everyone,

I’m a little late getting this one done this week, but better late than…you know?

aw who am I kidding, no one even noticed did they?

Anyway, this comic came from a sketch in one of my many pocket sized sketchbooks laying around that I randomly carry with me to capture ideas that I would otherwise end up forgetting or writing on napkins using ketchup packets for ink, etc.   So,  If there is in fact a method to my madness, it involves sketching comic ideas in sketchbooks, misplacing the aforementioned sketchbook and subsequent idea, completely forgetting about it, only to find it a year or more late, not remember drawing it, and making a comic from it. …it’s a science really.

and hey, this just in! There’s a few new sketches and a Mr.T comic in the sketchbook journal section of the site also!

Ok kids, I think that’s all i’ve got that’s fit to print. Seeya soon.


“cartoonists don’t sleep…they draw comics about sleeping” -damian