Hello everyone,

Thanks for hanging in there. I’ve been awfully busy with my day job lately so the weekly schedule has been thrown off a bit.

Welcome to those of you who have signed up for the email updates…..To subscribe to the email updates go here.

I’m hoping next week’s comic will be on schedule, but after that may be a bit choppy as I will be visiting Japan for a short time soon, though there will be a guest comic from one of my super talented comic friends in that time, as well as a collaborative art project that I will tell you more about in the new year.

Speaking of new things I am also gearing up to start work on writing the next Too Much Coffee Man Opera, part 2 : The Refill with Shannon Wheeler.

Things are not looking good for the 2008 dorkboy comics calendar…with my current schedule, I may not even be able to start until January.

Is anyone interested in me doing an 11×17 orderable dorkboy comics poster instead of the calendar? or a June to June calendar? haha 😉

I’ve been playing around trying to get the hang of Painter again. I am determined to get good at it one day….

Ok, I think that’s all for now kids…seeya soon!