Hello all!!

Sorry for the lack of comics this past month or so. I managed to finally finish up a new Skully late last night, and am posting this on my lunch break….how’s that for time management?! 😉

It’s  a bit early, but I want to wish everyone a fantastic holiday season. I hope the fat guy in the red suit doesn’t eat all of your cookies….hopefully Santa doesn’t either.

To all of my readers around the world ( I know there are a handful of you in the Netherlands, and at LEAST one in Brazil), thanks for visiting (even though my updates can get sporadic), and if you aren’t getting some sort of festive holiday soon, then at least take a day off and read comics or watch cartoons in your pajamas with a bowl of cereal. I can write a note for your boss if you need one.

The jury is still out on if I can pull a 2009 calendar together before January, but I’m remaining optimistic.

Here’s to a new year filled with me staying on schedule and you becoming either wealthy, healthy, famous, or paroled. (take your pick)

See you soon.