Hello everyone,

Sorry about last week’s missed comic. I was working on this one, and was having some bad shoulder pain and had to stop. Too much drawing perhaps? not enough? Perhaps we’ll never know. After 3 or so days of dull achey pain had subsided, I adjusted my table and chair for drawing, and have been altering my drawing position, posture etc…… so I am hoping this should be better 🙂 Curse you ergonomics!

This week’s Skully is an idea I have been wanting to do for literally months. I’ve been toying with it in so many different scenarios, but decided I was overthinking it and killing it, and went with my very initial idea.

Brian Ewing is a super talented illustrator that all of you should check out. This is one of my favourite illustrations of his…

Brian Ewing

…and sorry, no April Fool’s jokes for you. Maybe next year.