hello my invisible friends,

i have been particularly swamped this past weekend , and was unable to start..er…i mean..um…finish, yeah… the final page of the Skully Kitty comic. Why does a 4 page story take me several months? who put the sham in the shamalamadingdong? where’s the beef? i can’t answer these questions.

so what does any weak willed webcartoonist with a mild constitution do when he misses a comic update? he posts a questionable, badly drawn sketchbook comic that is just plain wrong on every level it seems. sorry.

see you next week with a final complete finished Skully comic! i’m peering into the future, nay, your very soul! and i can see that i am lazing around in some hammock with a paper umbrella topped drink in a Tiki mug celebrating the fact that I had finished the Skully comic ahead of time, spreading my wanton devil may care attitude all over the place….what?

ok, see ya soon.