Hello all,

I missed last week’s update, and really didn’t want to miss this one also…sorry, I try to keep these weekly, but sometimes they get sporadic. I’m still here, not going anywhere…life just gets busy sometimes. …..so here’s a sketchbook comic. These are my miscellaneous ideas that don’t fit into any set title or storyline, and are somewhat random. Part of the reason I have so many comic titles on the go is that I love the variety, and not being locked into doing only one specific comic. It gives me a nice break too to be able to do a one shot every so often.

For those wondering, Kernel Corn will be continuing soon!

I also did a guest comic for Grumps.ca that will be posted in the near future.

hmm…what else…oh, I did several new sketches in my Sketchbook Journal portion of the site, go check it out.

Oh, and Tyler Martin, superstar comic creator and inventor of Comic Press (a theme which I and many other internetic-comic type peoples use) has posted a new release version 2.0BE! It runs on WordPress and is fantastic.

ok, that’s all for now.