Hey kids,

Sorry for the lack of updating last week, things got a little busy.  Here’s a new Skully for you. The tax man ended up looking a little bit like George Bush…not sure if that adds to or detracts from things, anyway….

I’ve been considering splitting the comic titles either into mini-sites on dorkboycomics.com to allow dedicated pages to each comic with navigation for that title only, or possibly doing a mix of that and having dedicated sites for the comics I update the most (Kernel Corn, and Skully). I’d love feedback on this…would you like that better or do you prefer everything as it is now? feel free to drop me a line or comment and let me know.

oh speaking of which, I’m REALLY sorry, I have gotten really far behind on my email, and need to reply to a few of you…will do asap. thanks for being patient 🙂

Apparently this is my 500th comic post.  Many of those were scanned posts from my print comics from years ago, so I guess it took me somewhere around 11 years or so to get to this point…what am i doing with my life….. 

I think that’s all I have for now….and yes I did get my taxes done 😉