Hi..um, let me explain….

so i was working away on a new Skully comic (almost done, check back tomorrow), and I was doing detailing …you know making objects look more real, beat up, with scratches and stickers on them, all of that obsessing over small unnoticeable details that is common among artists, cartoonists, and other people with problems. So anyway, at some point during this I thought “hey i should draw a really small bonus comic as a sticker amongst these peripheral background details” This might have been a good idea had it been even reasonably close to readable…heck even identifiable as a comic would be nice, but alas i went a bit overboard.

So today’s comic is tomorrow’s bonus comic in a big readable format, and tomorrow you will see how tiny it really is…the upper portion of the comic image gives some idea, but i think that may still be too large.

Thank you to my loyal readers that put up with this crap 🙂

new Skully comic in the next day or so….