Hi everyone!!

Sorry for the comic delay, been working on the new book, and getting taxes done and trying to finish up the work needed for the art prints/donate to Japan effort!

New Book! “dorkboy – questionable characters”

This will be available for sale in the coming weeks, and will be up on Amazon, a few other sites, and from me at the Calgary Expo in June!

Here is a pic of the cover – Full details coming next week!!:

Art for Donations for Japan

It looks like we have raised about $300 – I will be posting the donation this week, and I am in the process of sending prints! Final details/coverage next week!

If you want to order: please check out this page.

today’s comic – more watercolour

Again I decided to go with traditional media for this week’s sketchbook comic, I am liking getting back to working non digitally again, especially since I have been logging a lot of computer hours with work lately so it is a nice break. For those interested, I am using a Kuretake brush pen for the artwork, a Namiki Falcon fountain pen for lettering, and Sakura Koi watercolours….not that the specific tools matter, use what you feel most comfortable with – and that means, pen and tablet, ballpoint pen, crayon, brush, whatever. The important message to those of you out there wanting to make comics is to of course experiment with different tools (at this point i have tried almost everything – technical pens, crowquill pen and ink, digital – stylus and tablet, ipod, ipad, brush, fountan pen, etc), but use the right tool for you and not what someone tells you to use …including me 😉

Thanks for reading and seeya soon!