Hello everyone! I was hoping to make this Kernel Corn comic last week, but have been a little swamped.  To make up for it this one is a bit longer than usual!  (not sure if that is better or not)

In other news, Tyler Martin (super cartoonist, and all around internet genius) is releasing the ComicPress 2.5 theme for WordPress. The early release is available in the Lunchbox Funnies forums here.  It looks great, and I will be moving my version of ComicPress to this asap, along with a plan to simplify overall navigation of specific comics….be patient, it will take some time 🙂

Note: this paragraph will make little to no sense to you if you aren’t familiar with computer drawing tablets, feel free to skip ahead. I have started drawing my comics on a Wacom Cintiq in the past couple months.  It has been good.. I’m drawing faster, and it’s a more natural feeling drawing direct on the screen versus my Intuos tablet. I was actually surprised that I was drawing faster with the Cintiq as I have been using a  tablet for probably 5 or more years now and adapted to the weird hand eye coordination that goes with it, but I guess I have been drawing traditionally (not staring at a monitor while drawing on a different surface) for 25 some years now. Random trivia about damian:  My classmate in grade 4 (Tom Brickner) got me started drawing in the back of my school notebooks, and I haven’t been able to stop since.

For those of you looking for a decent drawing and animation program that won’t break the bank, why not check out Pencil, it’s free, and available for Mac, Windows and Linux! Check it out here.

Also, for those of you using Manga Studio EX…or not using it as the matter may be on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Smith Micro has posted a patch to let you (and me) use it on Leopard…let the bells ring out!  Click here for the patch from Smith Micro.

Ok, I think that is all I have for now. See you soon.


your friendly neighbourhood cartoonist.