hello my little monkeys,

Yes, I realize that had you had any sort of respect for me, it is now gone after today’s filthy comic…but it’s important for two reasons.

1. The story needs to go forward, and in this particular story there are only so many ways out of the body (negating time machines, ufo style intergalactic transport devices, and magical spells –  any of which may show up in future episodes)

2. I lied, there is no second reason.

I have a secret art project in the works with another webcomic friend. 

“What is it?”, you ask.  It’s a secret, refer to the previous sentence as there will be a test.

Oh, and speaking of feeling dirty….I now have ‘banner’ advertisements on the site as opposed to the discreet text ads. I probably just broke one of the advertising stipulations by even admitting to their existence. Obviously it’s driven by greed, and the hopes of earning a quick buck….i’m a terrible person. well…me and the rest of the internet…shame on all of you.

I also received the nicest fan email in the world this week. Thank you…it’s nice to know people get some sort of kick out of this stuff. 🙂 (besides me)

Technical info about today’s comic that may or more likely may not be of interest: done entirely in Adobe Illustrator from start to finish, with the help of a Wacom tablet, while listening to a lot of Elvis Costello, some Drag the River, and maybe some JPop that I will never admit to listening to.

Ok kids, stick a fork in me I’m done. See ya soon. (longest blog entry yet)