Well…it’s been an embarrassingly long time since the last Kernel Corn episode, but with this comic I am wrapping up a MANY year spanning larger storyline.

The wrapping up was what was actually causing me the most hesitation, but apparently fear of ‘rushing the ending’ meant one episode a year for the last two years…of course as many of you know I have plenty of other comic titles and endeavours that kept me busy in the meantime.

This is an important milestone to me for two reasons:

1. I am freed up to make Kernel Corn comics in other formats now – one shots, standalone pages, 3 panel or single panel if i want without needing to align to or worry about interrupting the much larger over-arcing storyline I have been building over the past 7 years that started out quite simply and accidentally as “The Life of Fibre”.

2. The other reason this is important is that I have long been wanting to put together a full colour collection of my Kernel Corn strips since it first “sprouted” in 2005 : the same year I decided to move from being a “small press/print” comic which I had been doing since 1997 to a “webcomic/internet comic/online comic/whatever you kids call it these days” comic. The large “Life Of Fibre” storyline itself is almost 60 pages, not to mention other related strips and the “early” Kernel Corn comics so I am excited to put the complete story in one volume. I have begun laying out and designing the book, but still have a lot of work to do on it. I plan to finish and debut it at the 2013 Calgary Comic Expo, and afterwards make it available along with my other books on Amazon and potentially look into ebook format.

Hopefully that sounds marginally interesting to you – I am really happy to finally be able to bring a book of our two vegetable friends to “fruition”.
…and their puns.

Thanks for reading.
seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
pencils, inks, colour, bad jokes: Adobe Illustrator