First off, I would like to thank my wife for the fantastic contribution of the concept of a “haunted colon”…may none of you ever have to experience that.

Nerdy comic making tools talk: I normally make my Kernel Corn comics from start to finish in Adobe Illustrator, but decided to make this one completely in Manga Studio. I used vector layers for all of the artwork (line and colour) so as to keep it resolution independent like Illustrator. I like Manga Studio’s inking tools (and pencils) a LOT more over Illustrator as they very closely mimic what I would get using brush or crow quill, but in the past the colouring capabilities weren’t there…but now I think I will be sticking with MS for everything. I’ll need to try a Skully comic in MS, as those are also done in Illustrator.

seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
made with: Manga Studio 5 EX