hey kids, here’s a new Kernel Corn comic, and check out the sketchbook journal section for new drawings etc!

UPDATE:  I finished this comic way too late last night, and didn’t write anything worthwhile here..so here goes!!


Hey look! My comic has a doppelganger! an evil twin!  Well not evil, and not really a twin…but funny…and better drawn 😉


…and someone is spreading FILTHY, FILTHY LIES about me on the internet!!  Don’t believe a word he says, I am not nice! I am evil! and mischievous…I’m MISCHIEVILOUS!!  (See diagram below for full explanation)

Conor Geoghegan is a talented local Calgary cartoonist that just started up his webcomic Cognomania!  It’s a substantial effort as he updates DAILY, putting weak minded easily distracted cartoonists that update once a week if that to shame….um…er…quit looking at me, what?  You’ve seen Conor’s work in the big jam comic that organically came about as a back and forth comic tennis match some time back..It was fun and turned out really well..read it here.


That’s all I have for now, stay tuned 🙂