hi everyone,

new comic! it’s scary some of the behaviour that has been considered acceptable in the past.
this is my first time using the watercolour paper i used in this comic – it was super rough, and my inklines became very dry brush looking.

a few new things!

New Books!
I have been working like CRAZY trying to get not one, but TWO new books done for the upcoming Calgary Expo convention. I am happy to report that it was a success!!
Both books are done, and will be available at the Calgary Expo, and are ALREADY AVAILABLE on Amazon.com, and European Amazons(UK, EU, etc)! I don’t have it on Amazon.ca yet, as it requires me to charge a higher price than i want to due to a long explanation I won’t get into, so may look at re-opening the “store” on this site to allow direct ordering of books, prints, etc from me where you can get things signed and so on.

Oh, the two books are the collected “Kernel Corn & Peater the Black Eyed Pea: Rotten Vegetables”

…and a follow up collection of comics, paintings and junk to “well…this is awkward”, entitled “I’m actually much scarier in person”…probably quite fitting if you buy one in person at the Expo. 🙂

Both books are in the realm of 70 pages and FULL COLOUR!

I’m on the iBookstore now!
I have managed to get my “dorkboy: questionable characters” up onto the apple iBooks store for all of you e-reading types! I am hoping to get more books up in future, and also figure out how to update the format to work on iPhones/iPods as well as iPads (as it currently only works on ipads) so stay tuned!

I attempted to hold an iBook giveaway on Facebook where entrants would draw a pic of my dog Lychee, and soon discovered that I really don’t know what I am doing on Facebook – but even with that, the incredible Derek Mah pulled through with a winning entry of Dread Pirate Lychee!

Dread Pirate Lychee by Derek Mah of www.attoboy.com

I will be at the upcoming Calgary Expo April 26-28, at table 1124!!
Stop by and visit if you are in the neighbourhood! I will have my 2 new books, a bunch of new prints, my previous 2 books and a healthy load of jet lag as i return from a work trip the day before!!

Thanks for reading.
seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
inks: kaimei brush pen
colours: Rembrandt