Hey Everyone,

This is the beginning of a ‘mini’ 6 page Kernel Corn story that is going to act as a short interlude in the current storyline. These comic entries will be back to back, so no interruptions from the other comics I do (sorry to the Skully, etc fans).

This story is actually going to be part of a benefit book, and there’s no way I can get this done on time as well as my weekly comic, and luckily the Kernel Corn story is at a nice stage to ‘pause’ so hope you enjoy this little random vegetable story….and yes it will contain all of the, um, ‘substance’ you have come to expect from a Kernel and Peater storyline.

These may even be appearing sooner than once a week as this one is a day early , and my deadline is coming soon. 🙂

Oh, and I finally made a new Kernel Corn title bar!