Hey everyone,

New comic.

Calgary Expo
I will be at the Calgary Expo Convention June 17-19!!
Come find me in the Webcomics section and say hi!

Watercolour paintings

….plus I have been continuing to make wacky watercolour paintings, but need to post them up to the site still.
I will collect these in a blog post in the near future, paintings like the ones i have been making in my new tiny sketchbook…..

Batman at the Laundromat:

Tiny Spidey:

All of my recent paintings have ended up on my new Tumblr page, so go add me if you are on there…..

I am on Tumblr here.

boring details about today’s comic:
Inks: Pilot fountain pen
Colours: Koi Watercolour
9″x12″ watercolour paper

Thanks for reading and seeya soon!