Hello all,

This is the first time I have tried to do something like this, but with all of the tragedy in Japan at the moment, I wanted to try and do something to help raise donations for the Red Cross Society of Japan.

My wife and I have both family (including a brand new niece!) and friends in Japan, all of whom are okay fortunately, but many others in Japan are not so lucky. We both travel to Japan on a regular basis to visit family, and we could have just as easily been victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis as well.

Rather than just give a flat plea for donations, I thought something I could do is offer a print of a painting I did this past weekend in exchange for donations.

What you get:
When you donate $15 (or more) I will send you a signed print of the ‘Ganbare Nihon’ painting shown above or if you prefer one of my other paintings shown below, you can also see all of them here.
It will be 6″x8″, professionally printed on heavy cardstock and signed by myself.
(optional) Your name or a name of someone you would like mentioned on the site when I post the total donation details. Please let me know if you want your name included when you donate.

What I give:
I will be donating the cost of printing, shipping charges as well as paying for the fee Paypal takes so that the full $15 gets donated to the Red Cross society of Japan.
I will post the details and the total amount of the collective donations mid-late April to allow time for orders.

When you get it:
This will be a bit of a pre-order since I won’t be able to get it printed until the week of March 28- April 2 due to some prior travel commitments, after which I will send out prints immediately.

To order this print and donate $15 to Red Cross Society of Japan click the button below:
Note: You can enter more than $15 if you like. Donations over $25 will receive 2 prints, and donations over $40 will receive 3 prints. As I tend to be bad at following rules, you can likely expect some extras.

I will be making the donations via the Google Earthquake relief site where I will donate to the Red Cross Society of Japan directly.