hi everyone,

Sorry the updates have been SO delayed – there is a good reason though, I have been working on not one, but TWO brand new books for release at the upcoming Calgary Expo at the end of April!

The first book is:
Kernel Corn & Peater the Black Eyed Pea: Rotten Vegetables which I just recently finished and is up on Amazon.com (not .ca just yet)
Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 6.52.37 AM

The second book is:
A collection of comics, paintings and drawings in a similar vein to the “well…this is awkward” book I released last year. I am almost done that and hoping to finish in the coming week, so stay tuned!!

I will have both books (and myself)at the Calgary Expo coming soon!!

I’m on flickr!

Thanks for reading.
seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
made in Manga Studio 5