Hi everyone,

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wait a second! there IS something new to report…our new dog!!

about a month ago, my wife found a dog wandering the neighbourhood, and was able to collect it and deliver it to our vet. The vet passed it along to the city who holds it for 10 days in the pound, and then puts it up for adoption if not claimed by the owner.

A couple of weeks went by, the dog had not been claimed so my wife and I went to visit it…and then brought it to its new home 🙂

Our Jack Russell we adopted 3 years ago on the left “Lychee”, and our new dog “Kiwi” (named after the similarly grey Kiwi bird) on the right. ‘Sakurajima: Volcanic Island” t-shirt from a visit in Japan is me.

Lychee and Kiwi

seeya soon,

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