Wow, talk about bad at updating, damian!

I have continued posting comics and sketches and paintings and…you get the idea!!

BUT….I have been posting them primarily on Instagram (I know, terrible) – sorry, things have been busy (as usual), and unfortunately, dirty social media makes it too easy to post crappy photos of drawings and comics….whereas on my site, I like to crop, adjust etc etc and it all takes a lot longer, hence….less postings. ugh. I’ll work on that.

Hope you are doing well! 2020 is my 25th anniversary year for dorkboy comics! …but I won’t be making it to Calgary Expo this year due to  a lot of things going on…hoping to make it out the following year though! And have some plans for new books!!! stay tuned!

seeya soon,

boring details about today’s comic:
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