Hello!!  First off I want to apologize to all of my faithful readers for taking so long to update…i’m sorry, both of you…and Peter. A lot of things have been happening in the past month…I got married again! so did my wife! my family visited from Japan! I visited Camrose for the first time! my dad got a brand new steel hip(stainless i’m assuming)! i went to california for a week! I go to las vegas next week!  i’ll leave it at that…it’s complicated.

So to make up for the absence of comics, I am posting a comic I was planning on saving until Christmas, but it’s looking like I will have more comic making time then, than i will now….so here you go.  This is a true life story from last Christmas in Japan I was hoping would be a back up comic if i , you know, slipped  a little behind…I didn’t think I would miss a month, whoops.  This comic is also available in the amazing Leonard Wong’s Comix & Stories anthology.  I have a few of these books I will make available through the site, along with a bunch of Skully prints!  If you can’t wait for me to update visit the contact page and email me for info (and be forgivingly patient 🙂 ).

Regular comic updates “may” begin on December 3rd, but more likely December 10th.

That’s all for now. love,