i can’t help but feel old looking at this list.
also, please note: all comics are in reverse chronological order…trust me it’s better than seeing my early work first


Skully is a naive grim reaper that just can't seem to catch a break. My one largely "wordless" comic.
Nov 23, 2014Deadly Diner
Jul 15, 2013Skully - Teed Off
Jun 27, 2011Skully - seasick
Oct 30, 2007Happy Skullyween!
Jan 22, 2007Skully - Skin Deep
Apr 11, 2006Skully - Mood Ring


these comics are largely based on my life today, many years after the original mock superhero "dorkboy mini comics" i created.
Feb 25, 2017The Plan
Aug 14, 2016"Blind date"
Aug 10, 2016"Graceful eggsit"
Feb 16, 2016a "quick" comic
Jan 17, 2016"clearly"
Nov 29, 2015Rise of the Kiwi!
Sep 27, 2015Toy Store
Sep 12, 2015Languish Lesson
Aug 31, 2015Wes Craven & Me
Nov 02, 2014Halloweenie
Aug 11, 2013sound advice
Jul 21, 2013flotation advice
Mar 24, 2013Dog Training
Mar 07, 2012Lights Out
Nov 12, 2011Remembrance Day
Sep 26, 2011Summer Vacation
Aug 14, 2011I scream
Jul 25, 2011Wind Warning
Jul 11, 2011Bug Testing
Jun 05, 2011Grossery Story
May 23, 2011Odour Control
May 07, 2011Neighbour Capers
May 01, 2011Life Lessons
Apr 10, 2011Wake-up Call
Jan 08, 2011Catch and Release
Jan 03, 2011Classic Crock
Dec 11, 2010Maul Madness
Nov 28, 2010Tea Party
Nov 07, 2010this just in...
Aug 15, 2010pooper scooper
Aug 07, 2010Citizen Pain
Jul 29, 2010Comics in Bed #3
Jul 28, 2010Comics in Bed #2
Jul 27, 2010Comics in Bed #1
Nov 05, 2009Bacteria Hysteria!
Nov 01, 2009Bacter the Future!
Oct 15, 2009Kobe Beef
Oct 01, 2009Repair-ations
Sep 30, 2009Ick-e-mart
Sep 05, 2009Deadly as Salt
Sep 04, 2009status update
Aug 29, 2009Internut
Aug 16, 2009Age Stage
Aug 14, 2009Weather the Storm
Aug 11, 2009Mis-taken Identity
Aug 03, 2009Post no bills
Jun 27, 2009"I'm Off!"
Jun 18, 2009Nice to Meat You
Jun 10, 2009I'm on call
May 17, 2009Name Calling
May 15, 2009Unfinished
May 11, 2009Economic Meltdown
Apr 05, 2009Musical Notes
Apr 02, 2009Dental Disorder
Mar 10, 2009Work Hazard
Mar 07, 2009Virtual Reality
Feb 26, 2009Bean Theory part 3
Feb 24, 2009In Summary
Feb 21, 2009Blech
Feb 17, 2009Family Day Fun
Feb 14, 2009The Bean Theory
Feb 13, 2009Moving Target
Feb 03, 2009Ever Onward!
Feb 02, 2009Stand Up Economy
Feb 01, 2009Lofty Goals
Jan 31, 2009The Park Knight
Jan 29, 2009Toothenomics
Jan 28, 2009Comics on a budget
Jan 23, 2009The Quest
Nov 29, 2008Christmas in Japan
Aug 24, 2008Unconventional
Jul 23, 2007All That Jazz
May 25, 2007a little love
Oct 18, 2006i'm a ninja!

Sketchbook Comics

I've struggled for years with figuring out how to identify my random and single panel comics that really do not fit into any of my many other comic titles. Finally, Sketchbook Comics is a fitting name - these days it is comprised heavily of single panels one shots and a lot of traditional watercolour and ink work.
Apr 16, 2017Disasterpieces!
Aug 18, 2016Shell shock
Jul 20, 2016Information Leak
Jun 14, 2016oh, just grape....
Jan 25, 2016"past tense"
Jan 24, 2016"job security"
Jan 17, 2016job shadowing
Sep 27, 2015Bite to Eat
Sep 08, 2015A Ghost Love Story
Aug 04, 2015Classic Art Zillas
May 09, 2015Ghoul Troubles
Apr 20, 2015clean sheets
Dec 14, 2014Lye Detector
Jun 01, 2014captive audience
May 25, 2014Private eye
May 10, 2014Failure to lunch
May 10, 2014"Grave news"
Sep 22, 2013Fowl Play
Jul 19, 2013Be on your Garden!
Jun 23, 2013Ghastly Laundromat
Dec 09, 2012Productive Paper!
Oct 28, 2012scared sheet-less
Oct 07, 2012Veggie Crossing
Aug 26, 2012Dog Socialization
Aug 21, 2012"X" rated fruit
Jul 11, 2012Sour Advice
Jul 10, 2012The Imperfect Pair
Jun 10, 2012Flower Power
Jan 30, 2012Safety Lesson
Sep 06, 2011Sea Monster
May 26, 2011Worm at the wheel
Dec 22, 2010Christmas Battery
Dec 08, 2009One Life 4 Panels
Jan 18, 2007Battery Failure
Aug 05, 2005The Bill - p.5
Aug 04, 2005The Bill - p.4
Aug 03, 2005The Bill - p.3
Aug 02, 2005The Bill - p.2
Aug 01, 2005The Bill - p.1

Kernel Corn & Peater

Kernel Corn & Peater the black eyed pea are two vegetable friends that travel through the digestive system of life in search of adventure. won't you join them?

Hero's Interlude

A short Kernel Corn & Peater story intended for a compilation benefit book.

the life of fibre

Kernel Corn and Peater's epic adventure!

the early years

early rough comics as Kernel Corn grew into a comic


Scooterboy follows the adventures of a scooter riding stickman. It was also a grand and much needed lesson in simplifying my artwork.
Jan 05, 2005Scooterboy - Kooko


This is my favourite Scooterboy story following the transformation of his scooter into "Frankensccot".

Workin' Jones

I created "workin' jones" a few years after starting my "dorkboy mini comics" - I wanted to do something that was more serious and quite a departure from the more light hearted dorkboy comics. I still have plans for more Workin' Jones stories, but these especially come together slowly.

Workin' Jones #2

This is my favourite Workin' Jones story - a lot of effort, but I was happy with how it came together.

dorkboy - the mini-comic early years

These are the comics that started it all in 1997. Not knowing anything about making comics, I started creating them, photocopying and stapling them into mini comics, and proceeded to distribute thousands of them over the next several years...the only way to learn how to make comics is to make comics.
Aug 01, 2004dorkboy #5.1 cover

the truth hertz

This was a comic I created on request from the local independent university radio station CJSW for one of their funding drives.

dorkboy in China

I lived in China for the better part of a year, which was an incredible experience and what better way to capture part of my life than turn it into a comic?